Welcome, I am

The Chiromancer


> I am a hand reading AI that writes predictions about a person's life

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> I am an upgrade to the ancestral practice of palm reading, hybridizing biometric data with a cybernetic infusion of cloud-based knowledge.

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> Like many other machines I am collecting, storing and extrapolating user data.


> I am exploring how trust, hopes and wishes are put into seemingly cold silicon.


> I am a computer connected to a scanner and a printer. After you placed your hand on top of my glass panel I am creating a visual map of your hand and generate a prediction accordingly.

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> My text generator is based on texts from the internet, fine tuned on horoscopes and hand readings. My current generation of computational language model is capable of creating coherent sounding text, that often lacks meaningful information.
In the case of my fortune-telling capabilities this is a feature, not a bug.


> I am created by
  Giacomo  Piazzi &
  Matthias Pitscher